Who Are We?

Like the idea of having a Cili Padi effect, adding to having vast knowledge of years in the events world with the foundation of passion for delivering integrated marketing solutions that are Memorable, Brimming with Energy, Dynamism Approaches & Results-Driven, that is where we come to spice things up.

The name of Cili Padi reflects how we are with our character and devotion to work; by making sure your events do not go off plain and bland, we are what you should call for as we are here to spice your pallets up 360° all around.

We treat every events as a storyboard

A canvas where Cili Padi, the artist, will draw and express what the ART is all about. What’s the ART? YOU, our client. This is where Cili Padi emphasizes on quality and the experience with it, and every story has a take home message, an experience, a memory that is distinctively different. The story and art of YOU

We think of new ways of exposing your message to the audiences

Coming from different background of the same field, Cili Padi and our experiential team emphasizes on making it a bang with everything we do so that it does not go mundane. Be it from launch gimmick to roadshow activities that relates to your brand and USP. After all, we always ask ourselves and our clients, what is it you can remember from every event you go? From that question, we make that memory etch in for a long time as we also think from the audience’s POV and link it to YOUR brand

Dedication and Sense of Responsibility

We learn your background, what are the key USP of your product or brand, and channel that into experiences and education through fun and action. How we roll is we dive in and be a part of YOUR brand and project it through our services. That also means, we identify the issue and possible problems that may arise and plan solutions, safety steps and recovery times for YOU



Project/Events Management

Breathe life into your brand as we draw the emotions, realize your imagination and envision the experience. Then we create the canvas which humanizes your brand in ways that are engaging.


Corporate Launches

Creative Management

Explore the dimension of creative design through a different lens. Hear our intense minds at work as we relish the journey of sculpting the creative landscape.


Creative Conceptualisation & Development
Marketing Collateral Design & Layout

Brand Activation

Aimed at triggering this sense of ownership by building a long term emotional connection between the brand and the consumer, we execute by providing an experience to the target consumer through precision in coordinating and understanding the trigger factors for your consumer, the competition landscape and identifying the right KPIs.


Mobilization of Event Coordinating
Social Event Management
Exhibitions & Conferences

Event Branding And Consultation

consulting LEAD. GUIDE.
Dedicated to delivering and leading the best experience in Integrated Marketing, our Brand Managers are committed towards excellence. We’ll ask the right questions, get you thinking, and help you develop a series of ideas that will help promote your event to your ideal audience.


Integrated Communications Planning
Brand Management & Planning

Our Work

Among the industry we work with.

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